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Looking for an amazing location for classes or conference?

We have space for day trips and extended retreats for students of all ages.

Great place to learn, experience and reflect

EPES’ retreat center is located on the northwest edge of Concepción in Chile. We provide a welcoming and ample space to accommodate groups of up to 22 for overnight retreats and up to 60 for daytime events.

It is a beautiful part of the world. Concepción, a major regional industrial center, is located 499 kilometers from Santiago, Chile’s capital. Driving the speed limit, you can travel between Santiago and Concepcion in around 5 hours and 20 minutes by car, or you can take a very comfortable bus in 6 hours or a flight that arrives in 45 minutes.

Our accommodations are modern, safe and comfortable. There is space for community gatherings and quiet reflection.

EPES has hosted international college and university students, and seniors’ retreats. Local organizations have come for day retreats and conferences.

Each group has enjoyed personal attention to detail, our comfortable work space, Chilean catering options and the surrounding community. Schools and organizations partner with us for educational programming accommodations and catering. We will work with you to accommodate your groups’ needs during your stay.

My experience at the EPES Retreat Center was one of my favorite aspects of the program. The space was conducive to building community between students and staff, and the quiet atmosphere in the general neighborhood of Conce allowed for a unique opportunity to reflect, as opposed to a city like Santiago.”
– Justin Loew, student at UC Berkeley

(EPES Retreat Center One-Sheet 2019_Education Focus.)

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